You want to escape the ordinary world? You come to us! Sebastian Schweinsteiger, a legend on the soccer-field became a true superhero with the help of our suit which was specifically developed for him. With the use of a complete photogrammetric of his body/face we catapulted him into another universe. All to tell you that everyone of us has the capability to change things for good.
Needless to say that the remarkable talent of Jon Barber led to the best visualization possible for this Toom campaign.


  • Alexander Bollgoehn
  • Bastian Konradt
  • Felix Höhne
  • Florian Friedmann
  • Lion Graf
  • Matthias Lappe
  • Michael Eichner
  • Milan Braune
  • Mohammad Vand
  • Pablo Almeida
  • Paul Jansen
  • Paula Blesa
  • Przemek Duda
  • Roman Neugebauer
  • Tony Dorfmeister