Santa Origins

The story of THE „one of a kind“. A fully animated 3min fairytale.
A sweaty job for a heart-melting story, countless iterations and changes to put the beauty in every little detail. This includes a 3-day long mo-cap session as well as a virtual shooting in the unreal engine.
A tale created by Philippe Tempelmann so beautiful and lovely that you have no other choice than starting to believe in „him“ (this little fellow) again.



  • Alexander Bollgoehn
  • Bastian Konradt
  • Chris Weingart
  • Dennis Petzinna
  • Felix Höhne
  • Femke von Schaufenberg
  • Florian Friedmann
  • Lion Graf
  • Lucas Amaral
  • Max Stöhr
  • Milan Braune
  • Moritz Bunk
  • Nur Diker Koksal
  • Pablo Almeida
  • Paula Blesa
  • Radoslaw Jamrog
  • Rico Dober
  • Roman Neugebauer
  • Tanja Krampfert
  • Tony Dorfmeister