Hyundai – Awakening

When the World is not enough you have to turn to outer space. To help Mackenzie Sheppard with his vision we created this gleamy astronaut and everything around it. It seems to be lost but it is actually protected by its keychain size appearance. And of course we took care of that as well.


  • Alexander Bollgoehn
  • Anna Schmelzer
  • Bastian Konradt
  • Dario Spinelli
  • Dennis Mielke
  • Felix Höhne
  • Florian Friedmann
  • Lara Christin Schmitter
  • Martin Herzberg
  • Max Kuper
  • Michael Honisch
  • Milan Braune
  • Nina Roppert
  • Paula Blesa
  • Radoslav Jamrog
  • Rebecca Neuer
  • Sophie Diet
  • Tobias Teupel
  • Tony Dorfmeister
  • Vincent Langer